Wing-walker – $925 / $39 mo. lease

$925.00 (USD)


City of Mobiles: This mobile, like a number of the others, are meant to be hung at various heights and (if possible) in combination with others, in a small to moderate sized room.  As an instillation these pieces present the “mix of things” one finds in the vertical space of a modern city. Yes, some pieces will bump into others and some have arrangements of elements that by design become entangled. Some pieces are whimsical while others are more series. This Wing-walker piece is in the later category. What city person has not though of “flying off” and then asked, “to where?” and would the “simpler life” above or beyond it all, really be simpler? — A roughly parallel conundrum is suggested by organic pieces, made of thistles, are out of place in an urban environment…or are they? Weeds are likely the number one plant in cities in aggregate plant categories, and  many if not most “non-weed” plants in cities, like flowers, shrubs and trees are placed and tended to by landscape designers and urban beautification/livability planers and tended by gardeners. “Weeds” like other genuine urban elements, live or die based on their own adaptability and resourcefulness.