Birds and Clouds made at a Chicago Factory – $1,600 / $66 mo. lease

$1,600.00 (USD)

Birds and Clouds made at a Chicago Factory

Imagine that a company sales rep comes into the boss’ office at a Chicago-based light manufacturing firm where he’s employed. It’s toward the end of the day and he puts his order book on the boss’s desk. “Charlie, I know we don’t ordinarily make ’em, but we take special jobs, and here’s a customer that’s paid half down for 300 birds and 50 clouds.” The rep continues, “Ain’t it kinda like when we do seasonal items like Christmas or Easter displays? Look at the order, boss. He’s paying good money. We just need to get these out by a week from Friday. I even got a couple sketches right here.” — If a Chicago company took on the job of making “birds and clouds” here’s my guess of what they would deliver.