Last time; next time – Sold

$2,100.00 (USD)

Last Time; Next Time

This painting is a meditation on the how what “was” will very likely become what will “be.” It places the artist (and viewer) at the center of two female figures. It is readable as a psychological narrative. Given the constant yellow/gold state of this I/thou relationship, the essence of the artist makes it highly probable that when one context is left (in this case the woman on the left) the next context (the woman on the right and the nature of the relationship with her) will be essentially the same as his last relationship regardless of the artist’s electing to “move on.” The painter is projecting this meditation by flooding the field with a nearly monochromatic color field representing an unaltered or unchanged mental state or level of personal awareness. As such the past is highly predictive of the future and the notion of “moving on” is a fiction.  Only an internal shift or evolution in personal consciousness is likely to change outcomes in the world; both the external/public world and the internal private universe of mental experiences.